Monday, March 22, 2010

A Crafty Space to Call Home

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Can I get a "Woohoooooooo?" I finally (yes finally) got my craft room in order.  Like any great project, it's still a work in progress but I'm happy with it.  Hopefully this summer I'll get to paint and get some curtains up.  The hardest part for me was deciding on what kind of storage I wanted to get as well as a workspace.  After many hours of internet research, I ended up taking a road trip with my Mom to Minnesota on an adventure to the IKEA store.  Can I say that I love, love, LOVE that place?  I think I should start a petition to get our friends at IKEA to open a store here in Kansas City.  I know I would be a frequent shopper, as would many of my friends. 

Without further ado, it's time for the unveiling ... the 'real' Studio M:

This is the view looking into the craft area.  The desk is about 55" wide and the a-frame legs are also shelves.  The background storage cabinet is from Target and I found the spinner at a K&Company warehouse sale in KC. 

This view looks towards the door.  We made the stamp wall storage and the store/work area on the left is actually a kitchen island.  This is my favorite piece in the entire room! 

I just love the table top on this piece from IKEA.  I also have wooden stamps stored in the 12" x 12" drawers on the right. 

My wall storage consists of two small Expedit bookcases from IKEA. 

Here are examples of my ribbon storage as well as paint.  You'll also notice that I have a ribbon storage unit on the wall by the stamp wall storage. 

Unfortunately I didn't take any "Before" pictures.  Quite frankly it would just be too embarrassing.  Imagine it ... a couple of foldable tables and lots of plastic storage bins ... so what I have now is quite an improvement.   I hope you've enjoyed seeing my little piece of heaven.  Please post links to your spaces too.  I'd love to see your crafy havens! 


Linda said...

WOW this is a beautiful area to be creative!!! Enjoy!!!

Barbara DeBose said...

Ok so happy for you!!! But the BLOG make over OMG!!!!! It looks amazing! How did you do that? I so need you to help me with mine.

Melis said...

Linda - Thanks so much! I played in the craft room til 2 a.m. and frankly didn't want to go to bed!

Melis said...

Barbara - Thanks for the shoutout on my blog make-over. I'm happy to help you with your blog! The design was free. I was looking for a 3-column layout and loved the simplicity of this design. Check out this website to get started:

Farida Rone said...

Waooo!!! This is wonderful. Gorgeous place. Looks so confy. Amazing is the right word. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I hope to have one like this one day.