Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paris Hop! is C'est Magnifique

C'est magnifique!!  There are so many things I loved about Paris Hop! by Margie Blumberg.  Aimee and her Grandma Goldie spend a "girl's day" in Paris.  Their ultimate goal is to make it to the "tippety-top" of the Eiffel Tower.  I loved following along with them on their journey ... visiting the Mona Lisa, enjoying a puppet show in the park, and posing for a local artist.  Unique to this book is the French-English glossary which references 22 different words/phrases.  One of my favorite moments is when they stop by a dress shop to play dress up and "zip and twirl with flair!"  At the end of the day, not only is the story heartwarming, celebrating relationships with grandparents, but we all actually learn something.  Lastly, but certainly not least, the illustrations are beautifully done by Renee Andriani. 

Available as an ebook and paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and BAM

Paris Hop!
Written by Margie Blumberg and Illustrated by Renee Andriani
Publisher:  MB Publishing
ISBN: 978-09913646-9-5 (paperback)
List price: $11.95 USD (paperback);
Pages: 40
Category:  Juvenile Fiction/Family/Multigenerational

 Rated 5/5 flip flops!


Amber Hancock said...

That looks like a super cute book that is good for children and grandparents alike. I will have to get for my little one!

Melissa Tousse said...

Thanks for your comment Amber! It really is a lovely story. It's one that would be awesome to read it over and over! Enjoy!