Friday, March 13, 2015

Great Cake Decorating Takes the Cake

I loved Great Cake Decorating by Erin Gardner and would use it as a coffee table type of book for my kitchen. 

When I was in college, I worked in a scratch bakery, decorating cakes for all occasions.  I remember first learning how-to make roses.  My boss put me in the middle of the bakery department on Mother's Day with a decorating station and about 100 heart cakes.  I made "made-to-order" cakes embellished with roses and a written sentiment on each cake while the customer watched and waited.  I'm such a perfectionist and if the rose wasn't perfect, then it went back into the frosting tub and I started over!  I had the best and most patient customers that day! 

What I appreciated about this book is that Erin does a great job explaining the importance of having a solid cake or foundation to work on.  She further explains how-to make frosting and other decorative elements in a clear, concise manner.  I am new to fondant and she has given me the courage to try it!  I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to delve into cake decorating.

Great Cake Decorating
by Erin Gardner
Taunton Press
ISBN:  978-1621137603
224 pages

 Rated 5/5 flip flops!