Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rock the Casbah!!!

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Salam from Morocco! Okay ... before I get in too much trouble ... this REALLY is the first time Ive been able to get to an internet cafe! Now I have soooo much to share but Im on a funky French keyboard and all of the letters are in different places! Sooo ...the deal is that I will blog until I get frustrated! LOL!

Ahhhhh Morocco ... Morocco really is as beautiful as I remember! The scenery ... the people ... the music and the traditions are all so spectacular. Of course I have some fun videos and pictures to share so grab your beverage of choice and hang out here for a bit.

When I first arrived Hisham and Momo met me at a the airport and took me to the flat where Im staying. To say that the view is gorgeous is really an understatement! Its right on the beach and you can see the surfers every morning catching the first waves of the day.

Cascade in Emmouzar
We took a trip in the mountains to see one of the most famous waterfalls in Morocco. Close your eyes and imagine going on the craziest road course youve ever seen ... add mountainess terrain and NO guardrails! In case youre wondering --Dobratz and Perugini --I didnt lose my lunch and I was even in the back seat! When we finally got to the waterfall it wasnt at all like I expected. The waterfall is mostly dry with exception of water droplets falling into a small but deep pool of water at the bottom of the falls. When winter comes ... snow from the mountain will melt and the falls will be in full swing again. A couple of the locals showed off their Olympic diving talents ...

COMING SOON -- cascade jumpers video

Local favorites
No trip is quite complete without mint tea and of course Momo to demonstrate the right way to serve it! This was actually taken in a small village cafe on the way to the cascade. We had some of the local argon oil. Its widely known as it promotes good health whether eaten or applied to the skin. We also had some thyme honey with the argon oil. You simply dip the bread in the oil and honey and enjoy!

Okay ... just lost a ton of stuff I blogged ... guess I will try this again later!


Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

thank goodness, you made it safely. i was started to want to freak out a bit.
glad you made it on to blog and it sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

Barbara DeBose said...

Ok well the KC girls were about to place a your mother! ;) Glad to know all is well and that you are enjoying yourself!

junebug said...

We're so glad you posted. There are three of us who were beginning to worry you can guess who. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Please keep posting so we can share in our adventure.

Jayme said...

So glad you made it safely and are having such a fantastic time! It looks beautiful! We're a little jealous... but don't worry everything here is running smoothly.

Jayme & Nancy