Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morocco ... the Sequal

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Okay, I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to post pictures of my recent trip to Morocco in April. My Mom and I had a fabulous time and we have so many wonderful memories of the time we spent with Hicham and his family. Here are the highlights of our trip:

Al Mogar (Agadir)
We stayed in Al Mogar, a beautiful resort by the beach. The days were warm and the evenings were chilly enough to wear a jacket. Our daily program included shopping, sampling the local cuisine and walking after every meal. We also played at the beach near Tagazout, visited Hicham's family and travelled to Casablanca, Marrakesh (twice!!!) and Essouria. Mom and I both bought jalabas as well at the tailor. They are both beautiful and I can't wait for cooler weather to wear mine!

Camel Trekking (at the Kasbah - Agadir)
No trip to Morocco is complete unless you visit one of it's many kasbahs! We took a taxi up to the mountain in Agadir so my Mom could check it out. Low and behold ... we were getting out of the taxi and the next thing Hicham and I knew ... my Mom was on a camel and taking off! By the way ... the guy in this picture told my Mom that she owed him nearly $15 (U.S) since she took her picture with the goat! Yeah right ... while it is customary to pay someone if you take their photo, he was way off base!!! I don't think this is an experience she will soon forget!
We made a short day trip to Marrakesh so that Mom could experience the souks and the Jema Fna. As always it was lively there. We also went to an artisan souq and got to see how they make carpets, pottery, metalworks, etc. I couldn't believe the size of the cloth loom below. It was quite amazing to see the guys working on them. Of course we broke up the day with some mint tea! I think you'll agree that Hicham is sporting quite the style!
Other fun Pics
Camels hanging out at the kasbah in Agadir
Mom at the port in Essouria -- it was freezing that day!
This made me laugh outloud ... this picture would make a perfect cell phone ad ... showing how the world keeps connected!
Hicham's Parents & Mom
Me & Hicham
Crazy Brothers & Sisters - Bouchra, Hicham, Abdo and Laila
Hicham & Me
Hicham & Mom


Barbara DeBose said...

What great pictures from a fabulous trip! :)