Friday, February 19, 2010

You say To-MAY-toh ... I say To-MAH-toh

So I come downstairs after sleeping way too late yesterday morning and my dear hubby tells me that I received a package from Fedex.  I couldn't think of anything that I was expecting and told him excitedly, "I wonder what it is!"  Just like when I was a kid, my heart skips a beat whenever I get something in the mail ... oh the treasures the mailman has brought me ... but then that's another blog post entirely!  He then (knowingly) tells me that I received a coloring book ... yes a coloring book.  What the funkywinkerdink... a coloring book?  The mere vision of it ... outlines of cute fuzzy animals ready for me to decorate with my own colorful pizzazz ... Yeah - I don't know about you but it wasn't doing anything for me.  So I stroll on over to the package and read the sender and it is Colorbok.  Okay so I can see how coloring book could be confused with Colorbok but I still I laughed and laughed until my cheeks were sore ... and then I had to call Alicia to tell her our funny of the day and about my prize.  The Colorbok prize is a Heidi Grace Alpha/Number Punchout set!  The designs are so cute and I can't wait to make something special with these cuties! 

Oh!  And by the way, Alicia very graciously pointed out that I havn't been blogging and the last post was announcing that I had won the Colorbok prize.  Point taken ... and I will remedy this! 

Tomorrow Alicia and I go to Stampers Ink for a Copic class that is taught by Sally Lynn MacDonald!  We're so jazzed and I can't wait to learn all of the Copic-taught techniques!  After that we're going to Barbara's for lunch and a little craft therapy.  It's been a while since we have gotten together so it will be sure to be a crafty-good-time.  Stayed tuned for a follow-up of our Copic adventure!


Anonymous said...

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